DJ Khaled anticipates working with 21 Savage after the success of ‘American Dream’

In a moment of camaraderie and mutual respect within the music industry, DJ Khaled took to social media to extend his congratulations to 21 Savage on the release of his second album, ‘American Dream.’ DJ Khaled, a prominent figure in the music scene, recognized and celebrated the accomplishment of his fellow artist, highlighting the significance of the new musical endeavor.


Khaled’s congratulatory post likely conveyed not only his appreciation for 21 Savage’s talent but also the understanding of the dedication and hard work that goes into creating and releasing an album. The acknowledgment from one artist to another reflects the supportive and collaborative nature of the music community, where success is not only individual but also collective.

DJ Khaled - WAY PAST LUCK (Official Music Video) ft. 21 Savage - YouTubeDJ Khaled and 21 Savage link up for "WAY PAST LUCK" visual

The post could have included encouraging words, expressions of admiration for the music, and perhaps a note about the impact the album may have on the industry or the audience. In a world where artists often compete for attention, DJ Khaled’s congratulations underscore the importance of recognizing and uplifting each other in the pursuit of artistic excellence. This gesture adds a positive and encouraging note to the narrative surrounding ‘American Dream,’ fostering a sense of unity and celebration within the realm of music. 21 Savage Releasing New Album American Dream on Friday | Pitchfork